Monday, February 9, 2009

Marijuana has been linked to testicular cancer

Military men Rock. The people in the army put their lives on the line to keep our country safe and sovereign. I drove a few of them this weekend. On Saturday night it was this sexy (yes sexy) infantry lady. She was done, loaded but she still looked good and she was an army lady. Tonight there were five dudes, they came from a fitness center, they were so cool. I always let military fares do whatever they want, as long as they don't do anything to me it's game. They never do anything disrespectful. I even say they can yell anything they want out the window. They never do. It's against their nature I think. I'm sure the army has some bad apples, but I haven't had the opportunity to drive any of them just yet. After that I drove this kid who was out to score some weed and then go back to his pad. I was able to drive him to his weed dealers house without him telling me the address. I'm good like that. I know almost all the drug dens in the West end. Marijuana isn't a bad drug in my opinion. I've never been scared of somebody high on grass. Crack yes, Coke yes, Meth yes, I don't think so. Heroin isn't accessible in Edmonton, if you want down you gotta shot Oxies. We're on the Prairies man. I think Weed should be legalized, then the government would at least have some control over it and the pot heads wouldn't have to buy it from high School kids. And If you think weed is an illicit dirty drug go to BC and open you're eyes, it's that provinces main export. It feeds millions of families. Whatever. I knew where the fare was going as soon as he said hes getting a bag of grass. I was relived I wasn't going to help some fuck deliver crack to a mother of ten or something. You guys it was dead tonight. No money. I got to do a lot of driving and thinking. Lots of radio, the Ongoing History of new Music was on, you gotta love that show. Oh and some dude asked me "come in and snort a line with me, I got beer we can shoot the shit" I said "NO but thanks for the offer" I get those offers all the time. Then later on my way up Whyte ave I saw some dude I met smoking outside a bar I was parked in front of, I gave him a free lift home, he invited me in to see his kick ass guitar and amp set up, it was to bad he lived in an apartment building his amp was big enough to blow my head off. Im going to fight my war with a guitar one day. hopefully I won't get shot.

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ticblog said...

Guitars don't shoot people. People shoot people. I shoot people. There are a group of photographers who have suddenly taken an interest in your blog - we've all been enjoying it. Thanks for today's great blogfind.