Monday, February 16, 2009

precious, you guys there is so much more to it

First fare of the night was priceless. Ok, Gollum and two dudes strait out of the Remand center got in my car. The reason I am calling the guy Gollum is because he had long, long hair but he was seriously going bald. He was older and he was definitely holding on to his precious. He sat up front. The two in the back seat were like these two kid with no money hanging off Gollum. You could tell they had been drinking the whole day. One of the guys in the back just got out of jail, yesterday. He was put away for possession of stolen property. They let him out of jail and the first thing he did was get drunk with Gollum. Now they were in my car and they needed cash. They had 40$ on them just in case they couldn't get anymore. Now Gollum had his precious bank card, but he had withdrawn his account limit through the ATMs so he was looking for a store that did cash back. The Safeway, the Shoppers and the London drugs in Jasper Place denied him any cash back. Probably because he looked like Gollum, but a Gollum that had been drinking for like two years straight. The dudes in the back kept suggesting we go to the Wallmart on 185th street and Stony Plain Rd but Gollum wasn't having any part of the Wallmart Idea. "It's too far away" he kept yelling. Then he'd say "I can do this without you guys" in an angry but childish voice and the criminals in the back would shut their traps. Gollum had the card hence he was buying their crack. I asked the dude (the thief) why he didn't just go home. He told me he was staying with his Grand Mother and she was just no fun. I urged him to go home. I told him the crack is just going to lead back to the pen. He told me that they were going to piss test him next week, but he plans on drinking enough booze in the next few day to flush everything out of his system, including the life. We pulled up to the Safeway at West mount and Gollum got out. He went in to get the cash back. We all had our fingers crossed this was going to be the place. When Gollum came back holding a 24 pack of Coke Classic and a fat ass smile we all knew he had finally tapped into his bank account. Their final address was 108ave and 95 street. The Crack area of Edmontons city center. They were going to visit the thief's mom. They all liked me very much. I had to give them all the pound. They were my first fare. It was fun and Gollum tried to leave me a 24 pack of coke but I told him to fuck off and take his pop to Mamas.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Grandma was just no fun! Too funny! Sounds like a movie. Rock on Gollum Dude! =D

Matt said...

Further proof that coke is the gateway to crack. har har harrr

A.L. *SF* said...

hey remember me? i used to write smalltown cabbie. i got a new job, so i got a new blog. check it out. i'll be more regular with it i promise.


I'm so glad to see you're still driving and writing!