Sunday, February 15, 2009

Change you're future Ours

SO this is my current view on the situation. The Economy is changing. People are losing jobs. Here in Edmonton. Tonight was February 14Th. valentines day! Dude tonight it was almost impossible to find a fare. Work, lots of circling with no address to got to. No money. Scary No money. People were out. Partying. I had a few fares. Everyone I drove showed me love. But the fares are scarce this season. I'm not used to it. Lots of traffic. The city is changing. Slowing down. One of my fares was a teacher, post secondary. He read my blog. Cool. HE kinda knew me. I love having people in the car. I'm good at that. That's the fundamental aspect of the way I make money. I want people in the car and when I don't get them it's painful. Flags were almost non existent. I love flags so much. It's a show when you pick someone off the street. You put on the right attitude. I get people to dig in. I ask them questions, to figure out "What the fuck". When it's slow it's rough on me. I wanted to blame the drunks, or the cops about tonight. But there is more to it. Its cold, I guess. I want to make the blog more interactive, more real time stuff. I think I would have to have my own Business and do it publicly. Get a fleet of cars. Just little portals into the lives of the thousands of people. No too big brother. We fucking love big Brother. Maybe we need less big brother. This is quickly becoming a new play ground. I think that we're in for a change this year. There is some people who haven't been affected by the change in the economy, but it's gonna happen. It gets you thinking. There is going to be changes on the future. Most likely good ones, but we're gonna have to put up with some turmoil. Some slow nights. I think I'm lucky. People like me, at least while I'm driving them. It's the family day long week end. Hip Hip Hurray. Have fun.

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