Saturday, December 3, 2011

He was reading her tweets!

It was the last time they talked, "WHat a mess!" The words echoed in the empty room. He was getting lonely, he even left a message on his cousins Facebook page to wish her a happy birthday. "We never see each other, only Jason gets to go to Italy." He was right, he was alone. Well not entirely, he had his friends.
"What's up?" his tiny i phone was all he had. "Fuck, yeah!  Yeah!, so wanna do something for Christmas, ...No ... Yeah, Yeah I understand, yeah I wish I was going too, but I can't afford it." After hanging up he realized he was back in the same empty room, "Twitter eh?" this was a question,  that he knew the answer to. "It's all I got," looking over his phone, "I love you!." tweet, " So logging on is better then logging off, "I don't want to kill myself," he said as he looked over a vile of fifty Dexedrine piles.  "but I don't wanna pretend without anyone here to help me."
Amanda was always down to tweak out, she was sick and her dad ate her pills before she even got to see em. "So you're being orphaned this year?" Her long brown hair was tangle, but she was skinny and she brought coffee, and she loved to watch the x files. "Let's start a twitter page!" she said, iridescently stoned, she was glowing, and he was happy not to be alone. "Yeah!" He stopped and looked at her, "Are we gonna take off our clothes?" it was a good question. She liked him, and it was Christmas. "Probably, how many pills you got?" Her fingers rolled over the prescription label, "it say's there is three refills.  ha" it was funny, they both laughed. he looked at her, "I have a week off work" They both laughed again. She was sitting on the sofa texting something somewhere onto the internet.
They knew each other in real life, as well well as on the internet. It's where they met, well kinda. They met on the bus, "Public transport, I fucking can't stand public transport" she was watching him yell. He was drunk and so was she. She was with her friends. They were on their way to a party, the whole bus was full of kids. It was a Friday night, "I hate public transport" he did, she could tell, she was watching him from across the nine. He remembered the first time he saw her.
"We were on that bus, to that party remember" he stalled, "I was drinking!" She smiled remembering, "I remember the day" he said breaking her thought. "What are you gonna do?" she asked, looking high and smiling. He was already on the computer. "I remember you were tweeting that night, every time I caught you looking you'd talk about it" he thought about it, "I didn't understand the technology back then, I'm going back to read it." She blushed. "I said I liked didn't understand public transport" She watched as he reviewed the two year old tweets. "It say's here" he said reading "No use trying to be a tyrant, were all on the same train!" He laughed out loud."I was so drunk that night, and I fucking hate the train you know that. "Yes" she said pretty, "I also like you when you're a tyrant." she laughed at him. They were both alone.

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