Tuesday, December 13, 2011

That's good I'll be your kindergarten teacher

"We are a cheap pickle waiting to happen" she wanted to draw out a laugh. The little boy in the back seat was not having it. "Hey Georgy, what's up?" his little cheeks were bright red, flush from the heat in the car. It made her smile. "Wanna go to MC.Donald's.?" She asked expecting cheers. "No" was the response she got, "What?" she snarled glaring into the rear view mirror. He was too little to care about her eyes. "Georgy you're five right?" she asked. He looked toward the rear view mirror and made eye contact from directly behind her. He was sitting in a booster seat. "Yes! I'm five" the music on the radio was a song he knew. She watched him move with the rhythm, "you're a great dancer." That made him smile. "Dad say's that MC.Donald's is bad for me!" His voice squeezed her heart, she understood the innocents. "Oh! That's why you don't want to go and have a happy meal." She saw his father in her mind alone and relentless. "Don't think it's good for you eh!" The little boy's eyes shined in the dimness of the gray winter afternoon light.
"I wanna see my mom!" he said to her. "Settle down!" she shouted, it came out angry. "What did I say?" he asked innocently, buckled into the back seat of the Suburban. Fear started overcoming her, she could remember the way his father made her feel. "Do you remember when I took you to the park?" she remembered the lightning storm three years earlier. "Do you remember when you where two?" she asked him, he sat in the back watching the light fade and the ambiance made by the evening traffic reminded him of his mother. "I remember the storm!" his little voice made her smile. "When are we gonna go to my dad's" The question un nerved her. "I just need you to help me find something back at home" she said pulling the black truck into her garage. The little boy had a vague memory of where he was, "I'm five now" he said as she took off the restraints. "I go to school now!" 

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