Sunday, December 4, 2011

he hung up on her

"you'll fall back in love eventually" he said to himself, he was getting sick of sitting in his apartment alone. "I almost preferred seeing her every day." She was back at home, with her family, far away from him. He looked back to the internet to see what he would see. He Googled her name. She didn't use facebook anymore, "Not since she left the country." The sounds of his roommates dog came in through the walls. "I'm moving next week" he wanted to hear the sound of that, "ah... let's tweet it." The information evoked lots of reaction from his followers.
Cattingitdown replied "Where too, asshole?" The two of them were on good terms. He did want to tell his whole social network that he was going to be moving back to the old house. Except he didn't want to tell them that it was because she had moved away and left him.
Looking over his email he saw that his mom was on Gmail. She was on the internet too now, talking, facebook too. "Even had your picture taken by a pro" was the first thing he said when he saw her pop on screen. She laughed, they both did, and they talked about what he was cooking, how he was doing at work. She was gone and it was visible that he had lost a piece of himself in the separation.
"I need two hundred thousand dollars." Typically he started high, he didn't care about what she was going through. "There is a future in this!" she laughed. He was right, if he wanted it, something, anything  he was always right. "I don't have that kind of money!" He watched her words roll of her tongue. It made him feel sick. The two were three thousand kilometers apart. "I can see you mom" his mind never waiver in it's  amazement, he was angry. "I just bought a new house" she said to him. Her face was flush, so was his. "I know, I know" He looked away and picked something up. It was a magazine. He hung up and called his Friend "Hey Felmont!"
They met at Loonies the local tavern, "So she's gone eh?" Felmont concluded just seeing the look on his face. "You look like shit and you stink" the expression made everyone look him over, Felmont just laughed. They sat down and started to drink beer. Felmont sat filling the glasses with the house Ale. It was delicious he thought listening to Felmont tell him about his last relationship.
"You see" he said slurring his words "I haven't told you about it yet" he stopped and started to think. Looking over his face you could recognize he was a handsome man, but his youth was being wasted away and pitched back into the bar night after night. "I didn't tell you bout her because she was so much older then me." His sweaty drunk face made him look like a red tumor. "She wants me so bad." The two were at the bar when Felmont ordered a shot of Tequila. They were used to drinking together.
Towards  midnight he began to feel the natural way..... He passed out, Felmont found his wallet and paid for another round then took a cab home.

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