Wednesday, December 7, 2011

something unexpected

It hurt so bad, her rejection. "She didn't know me!" it was all I could say. "She's lucky" he only thought so because he realized that they usually don't. "Not before they fall in love" he was sitting alone at the table. There was no one at the school. It was empty. He had been studying for the last, three hundred years. He wanted to graduate. "I need nine more credits!" It was unbelievable. The idea of having to go back to school for nine more credits blew his mind. "This is unbelievable" the echo of the empty building made him laugh. "Fuck no one cares about this bullshit!" he was right. The only person who enjoyed events like this were the women at the registrars office. "Fuck" he thought about them. "Six old ladies" they all knew him. He was certain that one of them had led him astray. He was right. but only because they wanted to fish him in.

"He has a nice ass!" said one of the more mature looking women in the office to the other.

It was the Christmas season and all the lights in the trees were lighting up the the area around the cubicles. Everyone in the office was wearing the most precious smiles. "Merry Christmas." they cheered almost as soon as they made eye contact with you. "I'm here to talk to the registrar" the woman behind the desk handed me a paper. He looked at it "a questionnaire asking me for my id information. Lindsy?" He made eye contact with the young woman. She was sitting behind the desk, there was no one else waiting, "do we have to go through with this every time?" She just nodded her head. She made him laugh. "you're lucky you're not ugly! Or Id hate you lady." She smiled. She felt that the comment was out of place, but because there was no one there she enjoyed the compliment. He didn't like her at all, but he thought she was hot. He smiled at her and she waved him off, "have a seat." all the chairs were pushed up against the back of room. He sat down and fiddled with his eye phone while she watched. She was pretending to work on the computer, but it was three days before the Christmas Vacation was going to start and there really was nothing to do. He waited for six minutes before the adviser showed up. She was smiling. They all always just smiled.
"Come in" she said all happy and polite, her purple blouse was silk and she wore matching shoes. Her hair was purple too, "come in" they both sat down , "so what the conflict with the scheduled" her face was withered but she didn't use too much make up, she had a very peasant nature about her. "It seems I'm not going to graduate because of nine credits, Ive looked over..." He pulled out the 2012 calendar and read off all the requirements, "I need two senior electives, and I thought I had them, I thought I was gong to graduate this year" she looked over the paper . "Yes" she exhaled "Yes, I bet you did!" it didn't sound like he was going to be getting around it."No, you actually have to take several more course, not enough for a full course load, but yes, a few more courses." It made him feel sick. Nausea filled his senses and all he wanted to do was vomit on the desk. "You ok" her eyes actually showed concern, but more of a terror that be might sick up on her blouse. They were trapped in the  room together, she didn't mind and he could not tell what was going to happen to him ten months in the future. "I guess we'll be seeing you next semester" it excited him, and her! 

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