Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chad Left his roll up the rim cup

 "What up Chad?" the man in the overalls felt cut off. "Who's this?" he stopped and looked, "Neil!" the two stood in the tim hortons entrance. "What's  up Chad?" Neil could tell that Chad didn't want to talk. "What's up?" then the girl walked and Neil understood. "Oh" Neil grunted "I see!" He looked at the pair and remembered the house off Groat road. "So Chad you still doing it?" he asked, Chad blushed and the girl looked disoriented. "How old is she?" he asked. "Nancey?" he answered pulling her in closer, smearing her across his work clothes. "What are you doing Chad?" she screamed. The three tables occupied by four elderly couples all looked over at the threesome. "Shut up Nancey and be a good girl!" Chad's voice let off that he was getting excited, the red in cheeks made Neil remember. "Chad let me go!" Nancey's face looked scared. Neil remember what he made him do. "Let her go Chad!" his tone echoed through the room. Even the kitchen staff were out watching what was to happen, Chad looked around. "Here take her" letting her go, her blouse was covered in what Chad had on his overalls. She ran to Neil, he grabbed her.

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