Friday, December 9, 2011

Just take your meds!

"It's just so gross!" his mom told him. "Henry, you know we can't have this kind of thing don't you" She was talking about his drug use. "What do you mean mom!" he understood her, but he wanted her to say it. He could tell she didn't want to. "Just do it, come on hun! Be a good sport and listen to me when I say that it's just gross" Her eyes were glued to his, and it made him sick. "What's wrong with it mom?" the question infuriated her, her face flushed with rage. It made him laugh, "hey mom, you know what dad called you when you get all angry like this" her face grew redder as the words fell out of his mouth, "BULL!"
In that instant she wanted to give up, she could see it in his face, that rage, his fathers contempt. "Henry" she demanded, "What do you want mom?" SHe looked at him, her heart racing, "I'm not a bull!" the words relaxed her. She started to breath. "Breath mom" he said. She laughed, "Listen Henry, I know you don't want to listen to me, but you have to." she leaned in closer. "Get the fuck away from me mom, I don't want to do it. I'm fucking sixteen years old." he stopped, She stood up looking at him. "Listen you gotta do it, you're father is out of the picture." He thought about him, where he was. "Yeah!" his voice broke, the image of him,, his father and mother together dawned in his mind, "Take them Henry!" The words broke through the horizon and fear seized him, "He'll come back!" he said looking her right in the eye, "Now go fuck yourself." Her eyes began to water, and she began to cry but she wasn't leaving his room. "Do it please, just do it for me!" she begged him, they were alone in the small apartment. "He stood up and looked at her."
"Fuck mom, why?" he asked, looking over her shoulder, profiling her cheek and staring past her ear into the the hallway behind her. "i don't want to live with you anymore!" she shook her head. "Please, Henry!" it made him laugh. "What do you want!" he asked again now trying to push by her "I just want to get out of here." he wasn't lieing and she knew that. "This'll fix it son!" she was right, he'd just end up going back to bed. "I don't want to do it mom" now struggling to push past her, "Henry" she yelled holding on to him with both hands, "Please"

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