Sunday, December 18, 2011

record of heavy drum&bass for midjets that fly!

"So you think that people well change?" it was the question that he made everyone at the party answer. "Strange!" she said, talking to a stranger, the two women were standing on the balcony of the two story mansion speaking. "Yeah! I agree" They looked at each other. "I'm Melony!" said one to the other reaching her hand out. "Jessica, and yes it's been a pleasure, so what do you think of that little fuck out there?" They both stood staring down at the little man, "He's fucking repulsive!" Her voice was angry enough, that Jessica thought that Mel might have the audacity to do something gross to the man talking to the group of people under them. "Mel, you wouldn't spit on him would you?" Jessica knew that with a little encouragement she could have someone here to drop a bomb on the guy. "He's arrogant enough, you know, he just won't let go!" She stopped to think about it. "But no!" she exhaled in relief "I fucking know better then to spit on him." 
"Hey girls!" the voice came from below them, it was him. All they could do was look at one another, "You look beautiful ladies come down meet the public!" They didn't like it one bit, his asking them to come down and talk to the other. "What do you want us to talk about Fredrick?" Jessica asked, her long blonde hair reflected the sun. "It's lunch time girls, you should come down to eat to see what everyone's brought for us to share. "There is food?" Mel could feel her stomach growl, right then she smelt the aroma of some freshly back pastry. "Are they fucking baking?" she yelled, her blue eyes looking down at Jessica. "Wanna go down and eat Jessy?" Immediately Jessica's rolled back. "No, why?" Mel thought about her own question. "That's redundant. Whatever, Jessica let's go eat I'm hunger.!" Jessica sat and frowned, "Mel" she whined, "Don't fucking leave me for him, he's fucking nuts" her voice broke and Mel could see that her eyes were starting to water. "You're scared of him!" she yelled. "No" Jessica screamed.
"Ladies" he yelled from under their feet. "What's the matter, don't you feel hungry, you've been up there for such a long time." He stopped to breath and turn from them. Looking over the landscape the two could see the sun casting a shadow behind everything. He turned back at them. The sun warming the back of his head. "What's happening?" his voice was become sharper, her was beginning to feel the anxiety. "Mel, you're ready, go eat!"
Her stomach grunted loud enough to be heard by both of them, Mel laughed. "Jessica, what are you so scared of?" the question cooled her. "Scared?" Jess asked, " you think I'm scared?" Mel shook her head yes. "Yeah, yeah I do!"
They could hear him, he was holding his keys to the door downstairs, "What the fuck you doing Fred" asked Mel, she had to yell to make sure he heard her. "I'm coming up girls!" he said  just as he turned the key to the lock. Mel smiled hearing the sound of the door, it was familiar to her, she could feel it's weight. Jessica jumped the moment they heard it shut. "He's in the house!" fear was filling her eyes. "Jessy calm down, you can't be serious, are you scared of him like that" she could tell her questions were redundant, "Jessy you're fucked, he's not that bad!" she stopped "what did he do to you?" the question came as the door to the bedroom that lead to the balcony was being pushed open.

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