Sunday, November 27, 2011


"SO the soul lives there eh? " he asked in a snarly way. We were together again. I missed him too much to let him go. "You know I found someone else, don't you?" I just shook my head and laughed. I knew he had met so many women. It was his job, to go out and meet people. He was so good with the women. He wasn't even that handsome. His last girlfriend never cared, but then again she was cheating on him. He was such a faithful lover. I remember because I wanted him so bad when I first laid my eyes on him, except he was with her.
"Yeah baby that's where the soul lives." I knew he understood where I was going with this, but he was slow, so I had to explain. "OK you ready?" He hated when I talked down to him but he tolerated it whenever I was defining things for him. "OK" he sat down and watched me. He had these perfect young eyes. "So" I said, he was looking at my butt. I could tell, he smiled when I jiggled it. That's the kind of thing I really liked about him, he liked my ass, genuinely liked it, and it's not that great. "OK, so you sold her your soul right?" My questions always seemed to puzzled him.
"Well" he answered. "She fucked me first, then she bought me lots of stuff, it was stuff I needed so I'm not sure if I sold her my soul." His face winced after he said those last word. "So did you sell her your soul?" I asked him expecting him to be honest, that was another one of his better traits, he was honest. "Yes I guess" his face always seemed to darken when he thought back to the two of them together. "So did you ever fuck her to get something?" I knew he had, I remember he told me "I can't see her anymore see's making me feel like shit. She keeps calling me stupid, and worthless." I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard about that. All I could think was, Ditch, I even said to him "take off! she's old saggy and rotten." I could tell back then that she owned him.
When I first saw them together I understood what he was talking about when he said things like "She is out of my league" He was right, she was way to old for him. But he figured "she's settled, she can help me with him!" He was right too, she was so good with his son. He was a young dad, babies mama! Forget it, she wants to stay a single mother, except there is no way that baby was going to be anything other then a crutch for a single woman like her. Looking back at him, when I first met him I understood what he saw in her, "Stability" he said solemnly.
"So, you sold her your soul?" I said looking at him, I could tell he didn't want to but he acknowledged me. "Yeah she's got it!" his voice was meek, he wanted to reach out, scream "No" but that wasn't going to happen. "I sold her my soul" he stopped, looked over at the sun, "what am I suppose to do!" I looked at him happy, he finally admitted to being a creature of darkness. "it's OK, listen, so, she bought your soul, but while you were fucking her, you stole her heart right?" I knew that old bat, even though she was destroying his spirit, loved him. "She gave me everything" he said smiling. I could tell she had corrupted him the first time we made love. He knew what he liked and the way he wanted me,  I listened then like I do now. "She was submissive?" I inquired,  knowing the answer, asking to move him out of our comfort zone. "You were the boss in bed, weren't you?" he didn't want to answer me. "Weren't you?" I asked again. He finally looked up and said "yes". It made me laugh, all his shyness, he was beautiful, his love for a woman who lied, cheated and stole from him, a woman that corrupted him, for a woman who would not accept what he was inside. "So, listen, you sold her your soul but you stole her heart right?" I watched as his face grew redder and redder. He didn't understand where I was going with this. "Where does the soul live?" I asked at the height of what looked like his anxiety. He laughed and said.... "i don't know!" So I told him, with a little hesitation "the heart... That's were you can find the home for the soul, you stole it back... so don't worry, you still have it." I looked at him, "I know you do, I love you baby!" His face got so red and he kept blushing when he told me "I'll give you my heart as long as you never think life is about surviving! Life" he yelled "is about


Anonymous said...

Well done. This really made me cry. Mission accomplished I guess. ....Or would you like the razor blades as well?

Anonymous said...

You ain't dead yet.... If you re not a zombie now, you will be when you get to heaven!