Saturday, December 10, 2011

a company I did a billboard for broke my back

She stood under the sign breathing heavy. She was on top of the world for the first time and at that moment she remembered. It was the only time in her life that she felt that way. "Baby, when I saw my picture on that board overlooking the city I thought I had it all." He looked at her thinking. "What do mean?" he asked frowning "don't you have it all right now?" She exhaled, and frowned along side him. Then they both smiled at each other. "No" her eye's looking away "No! I don't feel like I have anything left." Her attitude made him feel rejected. "I love you baby, and I thought your Picture was great!" He stood up and walked towards her. "Can I sit next to you?" he asked, pushing her over. "Yeah baby, come here" she reached her hand toward him. "I love you baby" he said falling into her, then they cuddled. "why don't you think that you have it all? We're not hungry, we're not angry, you're working as a graphic designer!" She knew how he felt about life.
"The billboard meant so much and it made me have something to work for and I thought that it would free me." He knew what she was taking about. "Yeah well, you're lucky anyway!" he told her pushing her body closer to his.
"You know we are lucky because.." he stopped, "well we got this house too!" he looked around, outside the the windows they were sitting so close to. He could see the whole city around him and it was beyond beautiful and she knew that. "I know you love this place baby so why aren't you happy?" his question bothered her, she knew why.
"I" she stopped, her body was feeling suffocated by his hugs. He squeezed her even closer and it made her feel better. "Baby I love you." she said in a whisper.

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