Thursday, December 8, 2011

I killed it!

"You know I feel the best when I'm with you?" Jessica knew what he was talking about. The two of them had been together for six years already. "Remember how well we did in school together," she remember looking at him. "You always were so patient when you were helping me study!"  it was true, she was so patient. She liked him so much, she used to write his notes for him. "Do you remember?" he demanded, he was always such a screamer, she hated it. "Yeah!" she though about the two of them. "You were always so willing to learn." She remembered why, "you never showed up to class." They looked at each other.
"Jessica, it doesn't matter, I gota good job." She thought about it. He was sitting on the couch in front of the TV. He was going bald. "You're going bald!" it came out of her in a smirk. She couldn't help but laugh. "You've been with me for six years and you just realizing that I'm losing hair now?" He looked at himself in the mirror. "it's hasn't gotten worse since you got pregnant the first time." He reminder her, "so?" she asked, "So what?" he asked back sounding tough. "So what'd you think?" He knew what she was talking about. "I don't know." He didn't know what to think. It upset him. "I really don't know." His voice sounded shattered. "I'm not ready, baby, but I have a good job!" He pushed his head between her breasts like a child. "That's what got you into this mess." Her hand gripping the patch of hair he had left and pulling, "Ahhhh, stop that" he laughed. They looked at eachother, "it's you, you're the reason." She was, she thought, she loved to pull his hair, "Fuck Ryan! How are we going to deal with this?" She didn't know either. She didn't know how to tell him the truth. "Umm, I think we can deal with it" he was right, the two of them had done it once before. "Remember, the rocky mountains, Oh God." They both remembered, she looked at him, "yeah baby I'll never forget." But she wanted to forget, she needed to tell him how she felt, "Why?" she asked..
"Why what?"" he answered ready to go back toward her, push close to her, to touch her. He rose to touch her and as he did she raised her hand to push him away. "What's wrong" looking at her, "I know we're not ready, but we can do this." She knew he was right. "You need faith baby." he knelt down low before her, she started crying, "You need to have faith for the baby" he said on his knees. Tears fell from Jessica eye's.  She just Kept crying, "Ryan!" she asked. "What?"

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