Sunday, December 25, 2011

Batters up!

His face was red, it was cold outside.He thought of the two girls he just mangle, he was too jittered to talk about how he felt about what he had done. It started a week earlier. Johny was out looking for a good time. He wanted to enjoy his day a little deeper. School was becoming an easy place to slip a way from. Home economics wasn't doing it for him anymore.  He remembered looking out toward the city from his second story class room, "I need to feel that way again!" The girl behind him was listening to the prof reflect, "my husband and I had a hard time squeezing our second child into the budget but we did what we needed to."
It was three thirty in the morning in a late December, and the night was a smear. He stood at the side of the road, there wasn't one car in sight. "I hate this" his voice came out in whisper, the sweat on his face was beginning to freeze. "Let's not go that far!" her voice repeated itself in the back of his mind, over and over again. "Stop it!" he yelled realizing the drugs were going to wear off fast outside in the cold. The two girls were still there, they both left their homes with him that night. He remembered all the boys, "bring them out, Johny, you know they want out man!" He remember the way the girls giggled when he mentioned that the boys wanted to see them. They were younger then he was, and they were new to the neighborhood, their parents were poor, "our dad's looking for work" he remembered one of them saying.
The Taxi's light was visible through the snow, it was getting worse every second. "Stop" he yelled, as the Taxi rolled by. The driver looked worried, "Just get me outta here!" Johny yelled, his head wobbling.

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