Saturday, December 17, 2011

innate warship of monkey's from Texas

She actually recognized him first, "Hey," she spoke over the noise in the bar. "Hey, is your name John?" she was dressed in the tightest outfit, he could see ever inch of her body. "Yeah, that's me!" he smiled, he had forgotten her. "You still with that guy?" he asked. He remembered that she was in a relationship, except that was over a year ago. "Yeah, yeah I'm still with him." He knew they had a shitty relationship. "So how did things pan out with you and Laura?" she asked him. He remembered that she was there the first time he set his eyes on her. It made him laugh, "oh yeah! You were there the first time we met." He stopped to think about it. He was doing the same thing as he was doing the year before, so was she, kinda,"So no more coat check?" he asked, she was the front beer tub girl. It was still early there wasn't enough traffic coming into the bar for her to have to ignore him.
"You're still with her eh?" she was surprised, and she was smiling. "Yeah, yeah we're still together, we cut each other off all the time, but she's a writer and..." he stopped, the words were in his mouth. "I love her" he smiled. "I was hung up on someone I used to know when I met you two!" She looked down at him, the beer tub was oozing Budweiser. "I think we're addicted to a certain kind.... the same kind" the music was to loud for her to hear him. Yelling she said "She is definitely one of the most sincere girls ... I" she squinted, her eyes flaring, he felt the back draft. The glare disturbed him.  "You'll ever meet!".  He smiled at her, looking up, through her nylon clothing. "You're right!" he said "I got to go to work now" he unpacked his gear and did what does.....

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