Monday, December 19, 2011

Yoga is my Yoke! for Christmas and Thieves

The drive back to his house felt longer then usual. He pressed his little cheeks against the windows of the car. The glass was cold. His breath left a fog on the window in front of him as he exhaled. "Shanon?" his mother yelled "what's going on back there, you look sad." He pulled away from the window, looked at his mom sitting in the drivers seat. The traffic was bad, they were sitting in an idle, all he could think about was sliding in the snow. The whole afternoon was such a fun house.
"Mom?" his asked grabbing the paper she had on the seat next to him. "I wanna watch a movie tonight after supper." So did she, "Yeah sweetie that's such a good idea." she stopped behind a black truck. It was running rich, she stopped so close to it they were quietly breathing the stink. "It stinks mom, what is that?" he inquired, "It smells like gas mom." Traffic's slowly pushed forward and she gave the other car room to breath.
"What did you do at school" the question made him think, he thought of his dad, "Nothing! Mom?" he stopped to think about his dad some more. "Who's that guy?" his question peaked her interest. "that guy that came over, who left his guitar?"
That question calmed her and she answered energetically "Oh, that is Greg's guitar! You never met him? That's funny baby that you ask he's Bella's friend!" Shanon just sat in the back listening to Adel, "can I call dad when we get home!" Mom didn't really want to talk to him at all. "Yeah!" her voice whimpered as she reached into her purse and found her cell. "Call him now hun!" her fingers were already finding there way to his number. She placed the phone on speaker and handed the five year old the cell. "I wanted to tell you dad, that I have a guitar, and I'm a gonna watch a movie after we eat our dinner dad!" His little voice overwhelmed him. The joy in the sound of his little boys tone made him blush lightly. "I'm at school Shanon, but I wanna talk to you, are you in the car on your way home?" His question was deliberate, it was to his mother. "Yeah dad, mom just picked me up." He looked at his watch, it was five twenty two. "Did you have a good day at school?"
Shanon was looking out into the traffic holding the phone, his mom was listening, "Shanon" asked his dad, "He's not paying attention Gerald" yelled his mother. "Oh" Gerald's voice broke. They both laughed. "Is he cute?" he asked, looking into the night sky thinking bout the small piece of his heart on his way home. "You know it" answered the boys mother, glancing over at the boy holding the phone in the rear view.
"It's such a long drive home today dad" his yell made her realize that the snow was falling harder and harder, "It's snowing bad." Gerald could see that, "it'll be a while yet little one." he said. "I'm tired dad"

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