Tuesday, December 6, 2011

in spanish class

It was getting colder in the classrooms over the past several days, the weather was changing. "So?" she asked sitting in a chair in the university cafeteria. "You ready for finals?" her breath was so bad I didn't know what to do. "No not really" I was moving away, scootching over with my ass. I didn't want to sit next to her. "What's on the agenda, I didn't take the question sheet from the prof." She looked up at me, face full of pimples eyes so wide, looking at me through these thick glasses. I remember the professor didn't know what to do with the both of us. She put us in a group whether we liked it or not. She was OK with it I could tell. She was ugly, Fat, and she was wearing a cast. "I don't know" she said, "I didn't get one either" she waved her pen through her finger rather gracefully. She knew what the assignment was about, but she didn't want to tell me. "I'm your partner!" I shouted it, loud, Like a boy, with a temper. She laughed at me. So did two other girls on the other side of the tables. I looked at her, she looked back at me wide eyed with those thick glasses. I laughed, it pissed her off. I could tell. "You have the highest mark in the class, you know what you're doing, tell me what's up!" She didn't want to, she just sat on the table, waving her legs. I wanted the legs of the table to break, to drop her, I was angry, she was laughing at me. It was twenty to six. The class was starting in ten minutes. "We have to do our homework" she laughed at me again, "I'm done, asshole." She got off the table, it bent. I laughed, she hated me. She went to class, I watched her. It was five to six when I got in to the room. I was on coffee, I felt good, I had a chocolate bar. I had a shitty mark, not an overall great average. I don't care enough to sit in front. I try not to sit in the back. And there she was, her fat ass taking up the best seats in the second and third row. I fucking blew a gasket. The Prof took us outside. I made her cry. Tears in her eyes, I sat where she was. I made her cry.

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V. Brymner said...

this is what I'm talking about.