Friday, November 5, 2010

You can harvest it! But if you don't .........

So I picked a rotten apple and ate it!
I chose it, it was mine to eat!
I could not see that it was that tree, I could not see
her tree deceived me!
She asked me to taste it, I embarrassed it, I felt it.
I ate it and I fell for it, it's the state of it.
What's in for me, she still stands there picking at his tree.
The apple he has presented is still hanging waiting for me,
forsaken me.
I laid wide eyed the other night, remembering the snake-like awakening
you raised in me. Why wasn't there any forgiveness, because you
ran form yourself, in fear of the creature you honor.
So now you scrape your belly, along the new wall,
rereading media that excepts you in your nasty fall.
You were alone together, you are alone forever.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ok so WHAT Does the apple represent!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


unknown vector said...

im confused. Are you talking about Vaginas or Gutars here?

Also, im a little confliced because i like both but like the Vajina, sooner or later your gutar bites back too.

I Digress. Im fairly sure it was a rubi red pomogranit that the snake tricked the girl into eating.

taxitalk said...

I fucking devour pomegranates!