Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall into it and you'll be fine! It's the other side of the Sun!

Ever think about those things people hide from you. Even the people that you don't know. Everyone has the things they do in their shadows. There is that two sided thing about being human. Well most people! I try to be transparent, but why? It's better to be .......? Mel Gibson! Drunk and hating on everyone. But he has been around so don't hate on the guy to much. Yeah Booze gives transparency, alcohol really lets the honest to God person shine through. I don't drink. I think I should sometime, when I'm alone. Seems that any writer that was classified as a good writer liked to chill himself at the bottom of glass. I get beat up when I get drunk. No joke almost every time I pull a couple back someone throws me around. Seems I don't fight back to hard. I hate physical violence, and I miss the taxi. I'm so random and hungry. Hence the immense transparency, it's an impulsion. Because my shadow is just my reflection. ANd that's only scary to the people who are invisible.

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