Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cause I have a set of booster cables for a truck!

Taking care of business and working over time. the Fights were a success, the haters were trampled, but yet the fight continues, the dance between my black and white, blue and red, green and ..... i don't know is still vibrant in my eye's. I didn't go to work after the fights. No I was hanging with the official sponsor so I got to be help in high regard at all the after party's. Got to hang with fighters, the dude from North Carolina winked at me during his fight. He was strangling his competition, smashing his head in when he took a moment of of his busy schedule and gave me a little smile and wink. Ahhh those fucking massive bastards. There was this after party in the North side, it called to me. I usually don't go to clubs to party but I've been feeling a little out of place wherever I go so I went to the North side. Fuck what a sketchy place Edmontons north side is. At least they let people do drugs in the bars. Right! Whatever. So, the fighter that smiled at m, he was at the after party looking just as out of place as I was, except neither of us cared. He won, and I shot it. We were both were we wanted to be, no not out of place, but were we wanted to be in life. I know I'm gonna find things uncomfortable but that's ok, I am not one of those others, sure I yurn for that stuff but I'm not one of them. I'm happy bout that. And that is pivotal, that fighter smiled at me while some guy was legally trying to bust his head in. Wow what a night, well it was all worth it, there were lots of distractions from the every day, and i didn't take them, I'm gonna deal with the everyday with the biggest fucking smile you've ever seen, and I won't lower myself to the sheep standard. I'm gonna truck along!!!

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