Friday, November 19, 2010

at the tone eat shit.....Beep..

Rejection, ejection, whatever, it's an automated system, they respond to everyone like that, everyone does. Can't seem to sleep today because I'm so fucking sick, I have a presentation today and I was imagining barfing all over the stage. That would be really cool, I thought. So work is around I'm starting to have the Sunday shoots down to an art, not that it's art yet, I've recently started dabbling with some tools I've never used before it's changing thing's. Actually it's commercializing them.Making them legitimate, they don't respond to sales tactics like they do to artsy approaches, not that anyone reading really gives a shit, I've been all abstract lately. That's not a bad thing either, this is not somewhere I have to come to make sense of it all. We all know that the world is a chaotic pile of festering ....... rose peddles. God how I love rose peddles, and poodles. Nothing like a tea cup poodle menstruating on your bed eh . Eh! SO I hear it's cold outside, well I'll be there in a few hours. Haven't been reading my English assignments, and I should because one of them is about ............I'm still delusional, from this sickness, too bad I have to present or I'll fail, the teacher wants me to do the drama departments head-shots, and the media director needs me to shoot the board of regents, they are coming from all over the country. I think I can do it alone now but I'll still have my assistant come down. Just in case I need the creative edge, you know that cuts through the automated system. I know it's hard to understand when your an answering machine, but try to be something .........that isn't like everyone else.

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