Friday, November 26, 2010

Over populated lawns, in and around NeWYORK, ash boy.

I took the remains of my machine gun medallion to the end of the war field. I won some prestigious award but it meant next to nothing after the death of my beloved. I was so drowned in battle that I never realized that my source of soul was dieing for love. She couldn't wait for the war to end, she jumped into his bed. the woman hurt herself to remain senseless to forget about the depth of our absence. We were fighting the war, trying to survive. She was alone and hopeless biting her nails with lies. Fascinating, the worlds look when my reasons for existence fall wrong. The sun still returns though, always visibly rising, exposing the possibility of my reassurance, without lies. After the war they passed the bill, an opportunity to go to school, a picture perfect place to re inherit the grace of my past without looking back, I have found a reason to return thought, I'll come back when I'm ready.

Did he go...did he....Yes they shot him three times!


Anonymous said...

He was a hustler Baby!

taxitalk said...

Got Hustled!