Monday, November 29, 2010

....................................I rock rolling shit< >???ROLLING SHIT. I know that by the time I get a new ride Ill be outtta hhhhhhhere!

I've been keeping this place awfully quiet. It's for those around me who know about it all. It just so happens that everyone has access to it. That's one of the ways that someone on the other side of country can read it. There is really very few people interested in what I have to say, but there is a few interested in what is happening to me. There is the old school villains, the ex, the x ex, and ......mmmmm my mom. Fuck what an audience. Mom I wish I could write more in about you, some crazy drama. Guess you're just gonna have to come down and shoot the shit again this Christmas. The house is still such a disaster, but the dishes are usually clean and so is the bathroom. Fucking laundry, and the sheets, God Damn it, I can't seem to keep up, it's the bastard machines upstairs, I would love to have a way to wash my cloths in my apartment.  God I want to move around a bit. I'm still angry, fucking rigid. Awwful. I'm someone I should blame for that. The last two years was a strange dream. It took a while to wake form it. I needed a jolt for sure. I'm official kinda handicapped. "Thanks" Well, I have a few concepts to move on, creatively. I have to move on them and this is where I am going to find myself motivating myself to preform at a higher level. It's because I don't have to moderate this medium like the other one, but the best products, or ideas that I spawn up here will float over, taxi talk is still so mine. Ahh fuck I love it. I wounder if ill stop writing it if I fail stats. I wounder if there is a way to predict that. hahaha Fuck this shit. I totally just sit here and do this while the Light decides to fall asleep. I sit in the hallway of my little house, one that I'll never really leave because It already has so many memories. Good and Bad ones. The Hallway is a pleasant place. My life is a dream, a fucking great dream.   


taxitalk said...

and there is part s of nightmares, they add suspense and fear to it all.

Anonymous said...

i remember that hallway. we used to pretend to sleep!

Anonymous said...

holy shit