Monday, November 22, 2010

Pauline was my type Right?

Exposing myself to the decadence was a necessary evil. There are careless people out there, and they usually have money. Don't you wounder what it would be like to have access to whatever you want. I don't mean be all you can be but get everything you can get your hands on. We all want to know what it is like to sleep in the penthouse, to ride in the big car, to drink from the golden fountain. Those are things that everyone should feel, I think. It's too bad that by feeling them in the wrong context changes occur inside of you. I have been changed in recent years, I have been influenced in strange ways. Not good either, I sold myself short for love though, not just anything. I loved someone who gave me more then I should have ever taken, I did love though. What a deal, a piece of the soul, to change myself for someone who tried to buy my attention, when I loved her for her soul. I really did, no it was not her body, which was mine, her car or her house, I loved her for her. Because of the way she loved. I changed myself to accommodate her, this was the bad thing, but it was the proof of my love. I let her influence my drive, she had two sides. I loved them both. Unfortunately she only loved the one, and I think that she has embraced that sad side of herself.


Anonymous said...

any love is good love. take what you can get!

NYC taxi photo said...

soooo... she wanted you to be a taxi driver? wow that's a first, j/k.

taxitalk said...

Dude the most painful break up ever, She smashed my camera! I'm sure I'll giving away more and more of our relationship since I'm still in ruins about it. I fucked someone I met in the taxi....a no no. lol but this helps, so thanks for the comment.