Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Go saskatchewan!!! who the fuck are they playing???

Now things are really moving when it comes to school and work. Everything seems to be smashing together, all at once. It ain't good... it's great! I'm usually running a little behind at this point. today I walked into gym class, and the teacher was pulling names out of a hat. He pulled my name, my group was first up to present. One of my little school girlfriends passed me a sheet of paper and we started teaching a drill I had never seen before. We did good though, and I participated. We passed. I also have a speech tomorrow, twelve minutes long, except I haven't even figured out what I'm gonna talk about yet. Jesus knows I can talk. But about what? a busted ticker! Fuck that, I'd get kicked off stage for swearing. no I think I'll do it about vigilantism, I'm gonna convince the kids to start fighting back against the man.

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