Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fly off the deep end, and marry a rich girl

imagine being one of the families who paid an outrageous amount for their home at the peak of the boom and then the crash came. Imagine being stuck in a home that you paid double its worth for! Shit that would suck. Banks would love you. Imagine making a decision to buy a house when homes were worth three times more then their actual value. I would never pay more then it's worth. Remember the Boom guys. It happened right before the rescission. I wounder if there is still a recession, school seems to delete the though of the outside world. Which is good because I can peruse my goals. My goal in real life is to pay off my modest home and make my way back to being global, except I have this little Gigolo that I'm gonna bring with me. That's my goal to travel the world with a little gigolo. Teach him the do's and don't of "The World." Do... have fun with the ladies, but he'll know that he's a Gigolo. Don't... mess with Gangsters in Thailand. You know that Kind of thing. But Imagine owning 250,000$ on a house that's worth 50,000$, holy shit! Do... be careful during booms, don't ..

to those who can't feel...the roses, and will never be strong.


Anonymous said...

Who hasn't fucked a rich girl in the ass?

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taxitalk said...
this one is better!