Monday, November 29, 2010

We are eachother audiences, and we talk to things funny!!! But we can both hear those things, I guess thats why!

So you're out of it, i can tell. You have stepped into a whole new territory. One I have very little understanding of. You know me, I guess you can pretend i'm there, you'll know what I would say, just like you know what he would say, xcept I ain't dead yet. He took his jacket back, remember! You're alright! I know you are, you do have to take care of someone so remember to keep that head on straight. No you are not alone, your inbox is full....I hope that it's full of fresh stuff too. Sorry, I'm picking but only because, you put yourself here. You have no Idea how I feel about you anymore, and you're gonna be fine. Fuck I wish i Slapped you around or something, or showed you pictures of anal pirates. Remember! I believe in things to, and that post about the drownings was written by fate, not me. Crazy? Yes! I bet you he loved you and you threw a 26 year old in his face. He forgave you cause I'm sure he took advantage of more women then you could count. You included. He loved, cause you loved it, being used. You stuck around him in the worst circumstances, you taught him about friendship. Jesus knows lady...You're fine, just look after you know who, stop being so selfish and go to work.


Anonymous said...

he took it back because he thought i didn't want it and it crushed him.

gonna be ok? easy for you to say, but thanks.

yes there are fresh ones. deep ones. stuff i barely understand!

anal play aside, you were THREE when he and i met! no offence, but 2 years is a small matter compared to the ups and downs, the highs, and lows, the joys and sorrows A QUARTER CENTURY brings....especially with that dude. he lived large at the tops of mountains and the bottoms of volcanoes. i always made him sound worse than he was, just like i am probably making him sound better than he was, now that he's gone.

and you know ME, i haven't had my head screwed on straight a day in my life! (well, not since.....)

but thanks for thinking of me, and thanks for the post. it means alot.

peace, baby.

Anonymous said...

i am selfish! not everyone would say that about me though.