Sunday, November 14, 2010

Treading Water.

I talked to Tony today, it was nice. He was waiting for a flag on Whyte and Gateway. Just sitting there. He's been in the same cab since the attack, he say's the weekends are getting good. Recessions suck, but if the cabbies are starting to break even then maybe things are looking up in the world. That wasn't what we talked about. I talked about myself. I want to ask Tony to let me take his photo. I can see him in it now. He is in the taxi and I am looking in. I told him about the medical and the expense of it, he too did not know about the increase of price. "It's to make money!" He said. It's so fucking true. "Weekends are looking good" he said. I miss the taxi and the knowledge it fed me day in and day out. the stories that could be told with such transparency that everyone could indulge in a witnesses rendition of someone getting his dick sucked in the back seat, or a picture perfect paragraph that defined what it felt like to watch a man drive himself to the hospital with a slashed throat. With the 15 year old assailant still in the back seat. I talked to Tony today and I miss driving the taxi, and I think about keeping my license. Things are no longer able to be as transparent as I want them to be. I can't seem to find myself in the position of a fly on the wall anymore. I miss that, because I would always buzz into the conversation and put in my own two cents. A portrait of Tony would mean a lot to me. It is a goal that I have set for myself, for a long time I've wanted to do it, but whenever the possibility arises I chicken out and talk about myself. FUck, I miss driving the taxi, the open road and the late night. The late late night. Fuck I'm beginning to feel like the 9 to fiver, I'm not though, but I get sleepy late at night, and I like to got to bed early sometimes now........haha yeah right, The weekends are getting good and life is getting better and better, and yeah I'll miss the taxi, but that's a good part of life. I can see him in that picture, I can see right through, and one day I'll give it plain and simply to you!

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