Sunday, March 1, 2009

I love my west end crew you are the best (you guys should start a swingers club)

What a fucking night. So Union Hall, a haven for the restless and Young. I pick up a foursome. Two dudes and a couple of ladies. They were kicked out of the last cab for not giving money up front. I found this out while we were driving past the other taxi and one of the Dudes (the hockey player) mooned the other driver. While I was driving them to St.Albert the boys became progressively worse, they started to seriously put down the girls. The hockey player told the girl up front to suck my dick. I told him he's acting like an asshole. The girls were older then the boys. I didn't understand how a couple of women could be hanging around such abrasive spineless fuckers. The boys kept ragging on the girls. The one in the front seat got hurt when the other guy said she was a slut. He laughed at her when she said "that night someone drugged my drink, I don't remember what happened" the boys just kept laughing at her. Then we dropped the first girl off. The two bozo's got out to piss. I told the girl in the front that she should not hang out with these lowlifes. I also believed that the worthless fuckers were going to try to ditch the fare. I told her. She took out her ten bucks. The fare was at 40$ by then. None of them had any money. The one girl gave me her 10 but that wasn't going to cut it. The hockey kid tried to sweet talk her after she left. I was left alone with the other guy, I asked him for money. He had non, he even said "should I run now?" I got out of the car and yelled to the girl "listen If these boys ditch me I'm coming back to your place with the police." Asshole hockey puck kid came running back. He had 20$. By the time I got the last kid home the fare was 60 bucks and the kid was so angry he had to use his moms credit card to pay his own bill. Worthless rich St.Albert kids. Hey chick from the front seat, you don't have to listen to me, but after you left you both were degraded by both of the boys. So if you decide to maybe go out with the hockey puck kid, he'll drug your drink and watch his whole hockey team Gang Bang you. Be wise girl ditch the idiots and find yourself some decent company. That other girl, she was dumb too. They said they were going to egg her house.
That almost destroyed a really good night, but I trucked on. I trucked on to this classy hotel, and picked up these two. At first I thought I was picking up one girl I was stocked, but then her massive boyfriend came. I started telling them about St.Albert and how pissed I was and how I could not wait to write my angst out on the blog. Then the dude said "You got a blog, I'll give you something to write about." This guy was a stud, big looked rich and his woman was drop dead gorgeous, no word of a lie. So he says "we just came back from a night out with a swingers club." My jaw dropped. I was thinking this bombshell of a women is a swinger. Then he said "You play games with the other couples to warm up. You pick out a number and you do what the list tells you to do" he laughed a little. "Some people got, suck her tits, another couple pulled kiss passionately, I pulled bend your women over and fuck her hard." My jaw dropped again. I was astonished at how open they were. Then he said "I couldn't do it, she was on her knees sucking me off but I couldn't get hard while 22 other people watched." I told him I understood. Sex can be a scary thing especially in front of over twenty people. They explained how they became swingers. Wow was all I could think. They were a young couple. A sexy young couple who just came back from fucking a room full of people, that was one of my most unique fares. Thanks guys.


Wifey said...

Wow (insert jaw dropping to the floor) ... your job clearly takes you on some interesting rides. The kind most of us just read about or watch on T.V.

What a great outlet - your blog. Looking forward to reading more.

Winks & Smiles,

Cairo Typ0 said...

Wow, indeed. Would be gang bangers and swingers all in the space of a few hours. That's messed up.

As Wifey said, i look forward to coming back to hear more! LOL

NYC taxi photo said...

wow, crazy man, crazy.