Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lobster Mania

Yes kids it's Sunday. I work. I fucking work Sundays. I think there is lots of people who're working Sundays these days. My job is very vulnerable. I make money off of fun. People who have the time and cash to play late at night. About 5% of my fares are on their way to work. The rest are going out to party. I cater to the kid in us. I love the inner child. I am a strong believer you have to nurture the fuck out of the little devil in us. Lately the money's been kinda thin. Seems his allowance has been reduced. My income has been cut in half. I still love driving. I have such a great base of clients I can always make ends meet. But I'm standing still, the taxi is becoming a job. The work is beautiful, but money's been a bitch. I like Sundays, I go into them not thinking about cash. I love to listen to Allan Cross on the radio. I like the Radio. Since paying the bills is such an awful stresser, the radio plays the pleasant roll of relaxer. Music is amazing. Even a song you've heard a thousand times before can make you feel in tune with the situation. Rock and Roll was designed to listened to behind the wheel of a car going the right speed at the right time. I had this girl in my car, her Dad is President of the West Edmonton Music Society, I asked her to let me into the scene. She said she might. She was a tough chick, sharp as a knife. Sometimes I can't get the individual to settle down. You know become one with the Crown Vic. With me. Maybe there was too much snow. The roads are horrible. One thing that's been asked of me in the last few months is "You want to smoke a joint?" I don't. I wouldn't. Last night two women as old as my mom wanted to puff the magic dragon in the car, with me. Nice ladies. Most people argue with me, the other night this guy ran into his house without paying me so I'd follow him inside and smoke the bong. I followed. He paid and he tipped me twenty bucks and I ran away before he could find his pipe. So many people smoke herb in this nation. The pot heads are great, but coke just seems to add excitement mixed with booze. Do drugs get drunk and call a cab.


Anonymous said...

i sure hope there aren't any impressionable youngsters out there who take what seems to be your advice to mix alcohol and cocaine. that's very dangerous, not to mention stupid. you pride yourself on keeping people safe, so surely you don't want to profit from them being in harms way....

on the surface it looks like you see people at(dressed in)their "best", but in most cases they are going out to party to escape their sad/empty/dysfunctional/meaningless/self absorbed lives instead of searching for true meaning/purpose, which they won't find in drugs, or alcohol, or in the back of a cab.

taxitalk said...

O.k youngsters, if you do cocaine you are going to probably have a good time not a smart time, but if you happen to get in my cab we'll have a great chat. And if you're really fucked up you might make it in the blog. Don't do drugs you don't want to do, and don't try to find meaning leaving ANONYMOUS pussy comments. I'm sure the the commenter above has pulled back her fair share of blow. I bet she got her dad to drive her home

taxitalk said...

but thanks for the comment

Anonymous said...

actually, no, i don't do blow. i don't need to. (i'm high on life, baby!)

who u calling a pussy, cabby?? lol!

Anonymous said...

Replace that IV bag with an inverted bottle! Shoot acid into your eyeball and take a swing at a cop! Breathe fire and scream lightning! Live goddamnit! And bring your friends. But then again I'm just sad/ empty/ dysfunctional/meaningless and self absorbed.

Thank you for the three most entertaining/ enlightening cab rides anyone could ask for.

-Ecstasy Mikey

Anonymous said...

Ecstasy Mikey, i wanna par-tay with you!(...too bad you'll probably be living on the streets scraping meth off the scabs on your arms or bitch slapping your way into an early grave...)

Get a life, my friend!


Anonymous said...

Oh my hyperbole is a powerful mistress. And rest assured my friend I don't meth around! Any scabs I carry are merely tokens, diaries of unfathomable and abysmal enterprise!
As for this par-tay consider yourself invited, you can find me on the top of a mountain challenging God to a fistfight. Who knows I might even win.

- Delectation Mikey

Anonymous said...

(LOL! Ok, you win, you just blew my mind....not bad for a crackhead!) Let me know where the fuck that mountain is, then, cuz that anthropomorphic feat is somethin' i gotta see! =D

Victoria Von Swarovski said...

Sorry us party people don't pay enough lately hahah
The economy's supposed to be bad right. Maybe no one is partying anymore?
Frankly with all the taxes i owe i won't be going to the bar for a year. Dangit.
Still, we miss you.
There's no better taxi driver in Edmonton.

taxiguy said...

Hey taxitalk, I read your blog on a regular basis and I thought you might like to hear about one of my passengers. He was literally in my face about the nurses giving him hand jobs as part of his "treatment". I recorded approximately one fifth of what he said. Here is the link

It is a general link to my blog, this guy was seriously fucked up. I only wish that I had recorded the entire conversation.

Elise said...

Anyone who has taken drugs or have drunk any alcohol are interesting to talk to for an hour. After spending a whole night talking to a pill head I craved sober conversation.

Coke heads are the funniest. Everything they tell you is larger than life. You must have heard some mad stories in your time.


Meika said...

Nothing better then a big fat joint.

I've had some amazing conversations.

And maybe, Anon#1, you don't know how to have fun and are jealous of people that can let loose and get the stick out of their ass?