Saturday, March 14, 2009

I don't do dope, I'm drug tested

All the drugs I've been snorting are making me Impotent...... I'm joking. No I don't do drugs and no I'm not Impotent. My problem is that I can't make any money. I'm out there ready to work but the work just isn't there. Sure I have dozens of personals and all of them are so generous and awesome, but most of the work load seems to be driving around pissed drunk. I don't even care about all the shitty driving, I'm too worried that I won't make the rent. (It's not that bad...yet). I can pay the rent but I haven't been able to set any money aside for my suns college education in the last couple months. (That's a lie too) O.k. o.k all jokes aside business is in the gutter. I just don't have all the clients I use to. So the blog is taking the hardest hit in this economic crisis. I had a fare last night, a couple. They needed to stop at the bank, on the way there the guy told me he just lost his job "I was laid off." They needed to stop at a bank to get money, they both insisted that the ATM at the New Wave was the best choice. The New Wave is the type of bar you go to to get shanked. She went in and left her boyfriend. She never came back so boy toy went in looking for her. They both came back, but it took a long time. The bank machine wasn't pumping out any cash for the two of them. I drove them to the convenience store. Again they wasted a chunk of time to come back and tell me that the bank machines must all be busted. Yeah right and they were really millionaires. So much time flushed down the midnight latrine. Well I made it home alive tonight. Like my ex girlfriend always liked to say "It's better then a kick in the head." But being poor blows. I think someone threw a hot dog at the car. It might have been vomit, but I doubt it. I love Rock and Roll. AIM


mikkii6 said...

my ex used to say the exact same thing. he also used to say "When shit becomes valuable, the poor will be born without assholes".

and also "sacred cows make the best hamburger"....

no fucking idea what the second one means,but i'm pretty sure Mark Twain said it first)

hang in there, sweet cheeks. things will pick up, (or you'll just have to go back to school...)

Victoria Von Swarovski said...

I just found out I have to take a shit load more taxis to work so if you're available week days 6am i have a TON of work for you.

Nicole said...

I'm sorry to hear about the financial troubles.

I'm not doing too good myself. I'm sure my fun is going to have to stop soon, if I plan on having food to eat.

Doesn't money suck?

Well, not money. The absence of money sucks.