Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday night is not a good night to die

Tonight was new, a life changer. Tonight was a Sunday night that led into a Monday mourning. Tonight was more then just last night. I drove a dude who works for the Emergency Medical Services. EMS. Well he told me a story about this domestic dispute that he had to respond to. The Women wanted to press charges so the RCMP went to arrest the man for beating his women. Well on their way there they were shot at by the guy. He had a high powered riffle. The EMS guys had to stand down while the RCMP swat team came to the rescue. The dude was a looser he would not stand down. A few hours later they heard a muffled gun shot. Suicide! At least it was over, the stand off. When they entered the house the man was laying on his floor mumbling "I need help, I need help." The high powered riffle took off half his face and he survived. The RCMP picked him up and put him on his porch. With Half his face missing the EMS jumped to action. "Stars AIR Ambulance was called in. The guy died on the way. I thought wow I don't get to see anything that gruesome ever. He showed me pictures. I kept driving. Later I came across a gang of hoodlums about to fight outside the Rockstar Bar on 109st. I quickly grabbed the camera to get footage. I had to erase some of the older stuff on my memory card, it was OK thought. I didn't miss a thing the bouncers in stab vest broke it up. I kept moving up 109st south bound. I was still holding my Camera in my hand when I saw a car on fire. I was glad I made room for some video. I start recording and as I approach the car I see a bunch of kids bouncing around. I got out of my car and screamed "Someone call 911 Fuck!" Someone was already making the call. As I got closer with the camera I realized the kids were jumping around the car trying to get someone out."Oh MY GOD" the dude was still inside. My camera ran out of memory. The man inside the vehicle kept burning. He kept burning for a long time. People were frantically trying to get him out. Breaking windows. The door was fucked up. They could not pull him out cause he was wearing a seat belt. No ambulance no cops, Nothing. He was burning alive. There was a group of us, about 8 people. We watched the man burn. His face was on fire. All I could do was curse the cops, they have been tolerating the drunk driving. I don't know if this guy was drunk when it happened but by judging the level of damage he was speeding fast. Still no cops, there were kids throwing snow in the car trying to keep the flames off the guy. No use. At a certain point I saw a piece of his face fall off. Very traumatic. People were surrounding a car that was on fire. Big flames. I thought the truck was going to blow up. I was beginning to realize we were going to watch a man burn alive. Very scary, incredibly surreal. I felt nothing at the time except contempt for the EPS, Edmonton Police service for not acknologing the amount of driving under the influence in Edmonton. No check stops nothing ever, just propaganda scattered all over the media. All lies. I watched the man burn for a long time. Everyone backed off because they were scared the car would blow. Still no help. One of the onlooker was a cop who tried to tell me that the cops can't do anything. She was full of shit. While the truck was on fire in front of us with a man slowly burning to death she told me "our judicial system protects the criminal". I told her "then write a blog about it and tell the public the truth." I'm trying to change my world by telling anyone who gets in my cab about my blog that tells people about what really happens. How come there is no cop out there trying to spread the God honest truth? Pussy's! that's why they're cops. Fuck the system. I don't know if the guy that was in that truck was drunk, but at that moment I hated the system. The Ambulance finally arrived. They were not able to put the fire out right away. It was hot. They guy must have been in the inferno for seven to eight minutes. Then the ambulance came and he was in the car for another 10 on top of that. The fire department had to pry open the door. The man was removed, he was twitching. I remember seeing his face for that was falling apart. I don't think he is gonna want to survive. I don't think he will be able to. I prayed. I prayed as I watched him get taken out, I prayed the whole time it was happening. I prayed the whole way back to the west end, I prayed as I was driving behind a couple of teenage boys swerving around the road. They were drunk, they tried to conceal it as soon as they realized I was following them. I followed them for a long time. I prayed that a police cruiser would drive by and stop them. Never happens. I did not curb the danger. I called 911 with a fare last night, the dispatcher on the other line made me feel guilty about calling in a drunk. So I watched these boys in front of me. I prayed they didn't kill anyone but themselves.


Nicole said...

Oh... my... gosh! That is so incredibly sad!

One time I saw a man burn to death too. A truck hit his motorcycle, and both him and the motorcycle flew off the road and burst into flames.

It's pretty traumatic to see, and as you said, a life changer. You okay?

NYC taxi photo said...

yeah, I don't know if I can watch such a video, sorry. It's hard, when you know what's going on, you want to put blame somewhere. blame is everywhere, and maybe hopefully in the back of everyone's mind, if ever something horrible happens again, people will come up with an answer, a way for it not to happen again.

mattyfu said...

That is completely nuts that you seen that man.

Anonymous said...

wow jacob....
like i said i drove past that just not long after it happened... your story mad me cry... just disgusting how things work out.

be safe!


Liann said...

Wow that is one sad video. Sorry you had to see something like that... I have no tolerance for drunk drivers... There should be no second chances.

Triple D's said...

It's sad that things like that occur. If people are more aware of what there choices can lead to then they would definitely think twice!

I can say I am a proud supporter of MADD, and Designated Drivers all over Canada and the United States.

Edmontonians you have options, stop putting your self and innocent people in danger.

Help us spread the word and keep the roads safe!