Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just because you love it don't mean you have to like it

Sunday morning is nice. Religious. I had an uneventful evening a grumpy early morning. I saw some guy get beat up. My personal clients ruled. The kids on cough syrup were cool too. I snagged a pic of the dilated pupils. Man don't you wish you were 19? Oh you are. Well then grow up and get a girl pregnant so your life is over. I love the sun. I love snow storms. I took some professional pictures yesterday. When I showed them off in the car I was asked by someone to do some head shots. God thanks for Sunday. Last night my bad behavior was accepted by the public. All I did last night was drive around cursing out the cops, the bars, the radio stations, and the girls. I drove fast last night. This weekend was kind of a topsy tervy one. I did suport a local musician who was selling his record Corvid Loraxcheck it the fuck out. Peace people. Remember you are the cure against bad driving. The Canadian government paid me to tell you that. If you cut me off I'll shoot you asshole.

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