Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's the difference

Men the women were fucking horny tonight. One after the other, so many girls in the car crying out "I need a man." I got lucky tonight, I did good. I made a shit load of cash. Thank God the recession is over. No probably not, but tonight was one of the better nights of the last two and a half months. Edmonton really looked good. I love the nights when people are out and getting hammered and then fist fighting for a taxi. Only God can paint that kind of picture. Or maybe it was the Oilers game. So the ladies were having trouble getting the guy down their pants. Strange! not really, who doesn't know that Alberta's blue collar boys aren't in to one night stands. I had a fare out to SheerWood park. Two girls, one of them was almost in tears that she did not bring home a boy from the bar. Her Friend told her to get a boy toy, and whenever she needed some action to just call him up. Her friend is in the middle of a divorce, she also left her camera and cell in the car. I can't wait to see her again. My last fare was another couple. They had ordered two taxis. I showed up first. I had no Idea it was a two taxi deal, so when they asked me if there was another taxi on the way I said "No." They both got in, they were both going to different ends of the city. The women was unbelievably attractive. Bomb shell. She gets and says to me "I'm going to be the highlight of your night." I told her bout the blog. She told me that she's going to get her boyfriend from the West Edmonton Mall. It was 4:30 am the mall was closed. I said "Your dude is drunk sleeping in his car and your going to drive him home right?" She smiled and said "I can't drive stick." The drunk guy was going to drive her home. She was a very outgoing women. She told me and the guy in the back seat that she is head over heels for this guy. She said "He has me wrapped around his little finger." She was so hot, I imagined some sort of Casanova surrounded by class and culture. When we showed up at the mall he was leaning up against the parking lot concrete wall. He was done, he looked like a drunk thug who was stuck outside for a few hours after the bar closed. I pulled up, he got in "We need to go to Shanks (a west end sports joint) to get my car." That's the first thing he said then he looked at his girl and said "Why do you smell like a horse?" You could tell that hurt her feelings. He kept behaving like an asshole the whole way to Shanks. When we pulled up to his car he threw me a credit card and said "Pay the cab fare up to here plus pay for this kid to go home." I told him that combined the fares added up to 60$. He put 80$ on the card. I bet your thinking wow what a generous offer. As he was signing the credit card slip he joked about how it's his dads Visa. That girl was wrapped around the guys finger. She was such an interesting fare, before we got there she told us about how she liked him even though he never pulled her hair when they fucked. Me and the guy in the back seat laughed. She had a full set of hair. What I don't understand is why she would take such abuse. She had self esteem and she was smart, at least I thought so. Until of course she got in a car with a drunk psychologist boy. Cause a man dosen't spend his dads money.

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Victoria Von Swarovski said...

The prettiest people have the ugliest partners.
Because it's only the fattest ugliest nastiest guy/girl in the world who has standards that high.
It's a defensive denial mechanism, I'm pretty sure.
Why the pretty ones don't know better is beyond me.

Been taking Coop to work in the mornings.
The one guy literally stalked me the entire day. Was waiting outside my office when i got off, I'd even taken overtime and been an hour later than i told the guy
I worked. Didn't think it was weird when he asked. They always ask.
But he sat outside for a whole hour waiting for me to get off

I swear man there is only one normal driver in the whole city.