Friday, March 27, 2009

Eve forgot the title

Tonight was the shit. I was expecting a world filled with drunk drivers, whores and shitty street corner tambourine shakers. I got to witness the cops actually stopping drunks tonight. I have this suspicious feeling that people in the mainstream media are reading the blog. Since I wrote about the farm house last week dozens of articles have sprung up in the Journal about cops turning a blind eye to crime. Well whatever it was it made a difference tonight. I hope that the traffic police continue to behave the way they did last night. It was a pleasure. Plus with all the intoxicated drivers getting their cars taken away I got to drive home the idiot passengers that were expecting a drunk ride home. The thing about people not expecting to take a cab is that they tend to have no money. Some twit kid, high as a kite on the blow and so loaded that he had spittle all over his designer cloths gave me a Nixon watch for a ten dollar fare. The watch is worth 225$. He had to break into his buddies house because buddy was under arrest for driving impaired. See cops I'll tell the people when you actually do your work. Keep it up you guys might make this a decent city after all. Now you would think a 225$ watch would make my miserable little life good right, well it gets better. Last night I pulled up to the Urban Lounge, I got a flag. It was some long haired dude. He had that sweet sounding Southern accent. Fuck I dig that noise. So I knew he was not from Edmonton. Turns out he was from Mississippi. He was really upset when he got in so I made him laugh. Then I pulled up to his tour bus. the Mother fucker was from Saving Able. I got to get on the tour bus to take some pics to prove to you guys that I met the drummer Blake. What a cool guy. Well the next fare I got was these two sexy soccer players from Lethbridge Alberta. I was so excited to have driven a rock star I told them. One of the girls was not surprised. Do you know what she told me? "I slept with the guitar player." Fuck! I thought I counted but my first fare after meeting the drummer was a chick that got nailed by the guitar player. What are the chances?
I have this personal who reads me. Well while he was in Mexico he met this sexy nurse, she caught him reading my blog and said "I read taxitalk too." He said "I've been in his taxi." She thought that was great. Tonight I drove the two of them. Sexy nurse lady said she was expecting me to be some sort of muscle head but I was just little old me. The posts can get rough in this economy, but trust me there is more sex, drugs and rock and roll to come just keep coming back cause this blog helps me feel like a productive human being. Remember if your life sucks it's your fucking fault. Now listen to this and Keep6.


becomingkate said...

Sounds like a crazy night!

sexynurse said...

i feel honoured to be mentioned your blog!i actually printed it out!i am glad your not a muscle head!