Sunday, March 29, 2009

You are not the cure, ther is none

Someone recently told me that if I really like driving a taxi so bad I'm gonna have to ride this bad economy out and wait for the good times to come back. Fuck that. I love driving people around not the taxi. I love being on the road and seeing life first hand. I drove this scientist tonight. She studies the effects viruses have on the brain. HIV imparticular. She told me that people infected with the HIV complain about how their peripherals hurt. That's all the brain sending messages. I think our society has HIV. I think our social immune system is gone. We have no morals anymore. Those that do are always in pain cause no one cares. The cops were a joke today. A real joke. I don't understand what's happening on the streets. It's more then just the economy it's the people. The cells. They are tainted. We are tainted. I can't wait till everything falls apart, maybe then my sun can rebuild this world and have a chance to live in a real human-virus free society. Maybe then. Fuck when is that bastard Jesus coming back to have his revenge. I bet you he'll have red eyes and lasers. Is it cool watching the world die or what?


shane rocket said...

I keep saying sort-of the same thing, that we as a society are going to implode! Then and ONLY then can we have a re-do like Mario Bros.
I agree with the people, since I work in news I meet a lot of questionable people also....... very good observation

becomingkate said...

I think greed is going to be the downfall to our society. I'm a financial advisor (for the moment) and the debt out there is just incredible.

Victoria Von Swarovski said...

Bad Driving.
Only in Deadmonton can I wake up to find someone drove clean across my lawn 100m or so.
Only in Edmonton does someone park their RV directly in front of my front door.
I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do to this hideous monstrosity late at night.
Got any spray paint?
Can't really slash the tires, or they won't be able to move it after I've fucked it up to my liking.

I have to wonder though, if the most irritating part of my day is an RV blocking my view, I must be doing okay right?

Keep thinking we'll call you for a ride to Suburbs but something worse than recession hit our house. Tax season.
Keep driving though. One of these days I'm going to need you again.

Nicole said...

If Jesus has red eyes and lasers, I would so become a Christian.