Friday, March 20, 2009

black forest ham

Tonight, tonight was another Thursday night. Not too eventful. I had this one fare, she gets in and says "South Bend Motel." The Fare looks about 17. Young and strung out. In a deep haze. You could tell. I asked her where she was from. "Grand Prairie. Can I smoke?" I said "Sure". Then I see her in the rear view, crouching down low in the seat. I do the shoulder check and sure enough there she is heating up the crack pipe. I didn't say anything, I just rolled down the window so she could exhale the toxic fumes. Then I said "I thought you meant a cigarette." She just smiled and took another hit. Crack head. She smelled like a young prostitute. I got her out. Room 30 at the South Bend on Calgary trail. As I was pulling away from the grimy motel I noticed another women flagging me down from room 13. I pull up and before i could even say anything a little lady jumps in the cab and say "here is 5 bucks for pulling over, you can go." The lady was tweaking like a son of a bitch. High as a kite. So I'm sitting there and she's telling me to go but she ain't getting out. She was too strung out to realize how she was behaving. She kept asking me "close the window, look the doors." Then she told me "I used to be a prostitute but I don't do that anymore." Then she gave me 15 bucks and told me to get her a pack of smokes. I did. When I came back her and the John were ready for me to take them through the McDonald's drive through for some milk shakes and a coke. I was given a switch blade as collateral. The women insisted on tipping the drive through boys 20 dollars. She asked me what I wanted I said " I already have my hands full with you." She laughed and said "then we're gonna need a condom." That was kinda of scary but I laughed at her. She smelt like a working girl too. I gave her back the knife. After the two of them got out I felt like I was hung over from being exposed to so much crack headedness. Spring is here kids, and with it come horniness. No joke, spring seems to be the time women go crazy for men. I'm guessing it's about being possessed in the sun or something. Life's good kids go get laid use some condoms. Stay safe and avoid the fucking crack, the motels, the whores and the knifes cause there is so much more to this world other then sex and violence. It's just that the sex is so good with the violence right.

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NYC taxi photo said...

jeez, i guess they all felt safe. knives, hookers, motels and crack that's crazy. stay wise and safe.