Thursday, March 12, 2009

ever been to Newfoundland

So the city is a big circuit board and running up its concrete veins is me the Electricity. Tonight the city was seriously out of batteries. Most of the night felt like I was trying to suck the life out of a 9 volt. When I was fifteen I lived in Saudi Arabia. My mom worked for the King Fahd National Guard Hospital. Because she was a women she wasn't allowed to dive a car. Not only was she not allowed to drive she wasn't allowed in a car with a man that wasn't her husband. Different culture. They had taxis in Saudi but they were called Limos. I forget what kind of car they were. The drivers were from India and Pakistan and places like that. Western women were allowed to travel using the taxis. I'm sure there were rules. The night I landed in Riyadh was the first time my mother could leave the airport without an official escort. At fifteen I was allowed to drive. Being a boy I was allowed pretty much whatever I wanted. I could buy cigarettes, a buck a pack. Did you know they have public executions in Saudi Arabia? Every Friday night in (what the westerners called it) chop chop square. My mom never let me attend. In Saudi if you're caught with drugs you can loose your head. In Saudi a bottle of Jack Daniels (this is ten years ago) can set you back like 700$. I remember driving around in the limos, I remember because in Saudi they ran red lights. Hard Core. No joke. I never got a car. I never got drunk or high. Hey Shout Out Out Out Out is more then gravy


Nicole said...

Very, very fascinating. Why exactly did you live there?

Anonymous said...

Saw your shit on the news tonight man....super cool. You rock.