Monday, March 16, 2009

Post Man

I drove this stripper tonight. She got in and the first thing she said was "Oh my God you're a fucking white dude!" I looked back to see a seventeen year old looking girl talking to her friend on her cell phone. She told me where she was going. We started talking. She was still talking to the dude on the cell too. She said "I like to have someone on the line with me. You never know taxi drivers can be creepers." She was right. I asked her what she does. "I'm a stripper" she yelled, "you couldn't tell?" I said "you look seventeen." We both laughed. On the way to her house she kept giggling about how I was a white guy driving taxi. She even said I was driving my dads cab. Then she told me that she is Bi Polar. I said "I'm Bi Polar too." Well I was diagnosed as bipolar, but fuck what do doctors know. At least psychiatrists. She told me that she had been committed once, I laughed and told her I was committed twice. It was a sweet ride, even though she had some dude on the phone for the whole time. Is a stripper a whore?????.......... That's a toughy. I also had this girl show me her belt buckle it said "It's not gonna lick itself." Then she took off her pants. I took a picture. It's not x-rated and it's kind of artsy. Ill have it up soon, this PC I'm using is having a hard time dealing with my SD card my mac is in shop.

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Anonymous said...

that's totally from a movie (My Best Friend's Girl). She should come up with some less cheesy lines or at least an original one. Lame