Monday, January 19, 2009

Innocents is on its knees begging please

First fare of the night was a flag from Teddy's. They remembered me. I remembered them. DO you readers remember this. Read it. they kept their pants on this time. There was only two of them, they're a couple. They told me that they gave lots of people the URL. I hope I have at least a small gay following. One of them told his sister and she told him shes had me as a taxi driver a couple of times. Tiny Father fucking planet. The night was slow. So slow again. I got this guy who paid me 75$ to drive him to Millwoods from Whyte ave. Great deal. He was my money for the night. The streets were filled with a criminal element though. You could tell that the Crack hustlers were out trying to feed the crack heads junk addiction, but even they must have stayed home. The pusher were getting frustrated and they were driving like idiots with a power trip. It's o.k there wasn't any cops out there to stop them, so they were free to boot around like they own the city cause they do. My last fare was a couple of young teenage girls. They were dump, straight up. Naive and stupid. They knew it all. I could tell they had just cum from an older guys house, when I called them I over heard them trying to find an earring. One of them mentioned she was on probation. That meant she was out illegally. I asked how they knew this 23 year old dude, since they were still in high school. One of them said she worked for him. She immediately told me she wasn't a hooker. That rung a bell in my mind and I asked for the story. She was reluctant but she told me. She used to bag crack for him, she said it was great money. I told her that she is still innocent and she should get away from this guy. She said "I know I'm not innocent and he's such a sweet heart." The last time I drove him(a crack dealer) he told me "all I want to do is Jam in her mouth and stick it in her ass, cause I love to steal that teenage innocents." Then he told me " If I ever knocked her up I'd punch her in the gut and I'd kick her the fuck out of my house." All crack dealers are the same. See ladies your problem is that you told me all this information, I know the dude is a crack pusher, I know you're on probation, I know where you live and I know where he lives. Scared? Don't worry, I still think you're innocent just stay safe and get the fuck out of that type of situation. When you're in High School tomorrow just remember that the real cool girls want to marry Doctors and lawyer, they don't want a guy who asks them to bag crack and have abortions. See I told you ladies you are still innocent, was I right? Comment please it makes the blog better.


Anonymous said...

you actually posted this , and we are NOT native

Anonymous said...

It is so sad to see this sort of thing happen. It's hard once you're in the the golden handcuffs... how do you turn that kind of money down?

It's better to learn to follow what you love. When you see big money at a young age, it casts a shadow on the things that will make you truly happy and soon enough you will be dead inside.

Get out girls. Get a hobby. Paint, take pictures, join a sports team. Find out what you truly love (it surely can't be bagging crack) you will feel better about yourselves, and if you truly love what you do you will make good money regardless.


Meika said...

naive   /nɑˈiv/

1. having or showing unaffected simplicity of nature or absence of artificiality; unsophisticated; ingenuous.
2. having or showing a lack of experience, judgment, or information; credulous: She's so naive she believes everything she reads. He has a very naive attitude toward politics

Innocent may be a bit strong for them, I think you meant immature and stupid by the sounds of them.

I hated boys as a teenager, and I'm glad I did, beacuse how many of them tok advantage of me? There are more evil people then nice people in the world. Chances are if you see a smile, theyre laughing at you inside.

I've heard many girls call their rapists/abusers 'sweetheart', they need to just open their eyes and look honesty in the face.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I guess you have to be careful who you give out your blog to!

Oh, and Meika, if you think there are actually more evil people in the world than good, then honey, you are lookin' for love in all the wrong places! But goody for you, you know how to use a dictionary! Maybe try spell check too....

Bartosz said...

There was no mention of the word "native" in that post.

Anonymous said...

no, there wasn't any mention of "native", but even if there was, the blogger has already made it clear that he has nothing against natives and admires their culture, so he would not be using the term in a negative way anyway. Anon #1 seems very offended by it, soooo, that means in addition to making some REALLY BAD CHOICES, they are also somewhat racist.....lots to learn girls, lots to learn. All the best to you though, it's tough out there. Hope you make it.