Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flip A Bitch and run it back with a Red Bull

Wish I could tell you people a great interesting story but I can't, not one that I was given. I drove a women, crazy eyes she was insightful. She told me she has a criteria for the man she would date. There is five things that she needs him to be before she could really fall for him. She has a list. It's like a cook book of love a "list". I never thought of having criteria. I just followed my manhood, but it's a good idea. What happens if you like someone that does not necessarily belong in the recipe. Do you throw the person out, or do you throw the ingredient in and wait to see if it works with the dish.
My last fare was to Spruce grove, a young electrician. We talked about our jobs, I told him mine was fun. He said "I know, I was in the back seat of a cab once and I was making out with this chick, her friend was in the front and she was jealous I guess, that we were getting it on and she was all alone. So she started railing the cab driver. When we got to their place I tried to get a threesome going, but she wasn't into it. She blew a random cabby but wouldn't touch me. I was hurt." I would never let some random chick touch my dick. That's dirty, but it was a interesting story. Then we stared talking about why Kurt Cobain blew his head off. The electrician said it was all the drugs. I said it was fate. What do you think? Remember it was Easter. He took his life the day Christ came back from the dead. The electrician said that there is no way that mattered. I think Kurt dug the idea that he was a savior of sorts. Kind of a Messiah, a fucking Rock God. Strange. The Electrician told me to think of a world where Kurt Cobain was still alive, he said it would be a different place. I think he was right. Rock and Roll is a powerful thing. Good Music is something the world is given, we haven't had any really good stuff in a while, I have a feeling things are about to change, but who am I. Just another sap listening to the God Dame radio.
oh my God I also drove this girl, she was this chick that convinced me to flush all my prescription drugs down the toilet. I did it, the last of my narcotics, like 50-60 pills. This was way back in my past. Like four years ago.(before my Sun was born) She convinced me and some girl to flush our drugs. The other girl flushed a fat bag Meth. We were both face to face with the devil when we got rid of those drugs. The girl I picked up tonight was an angel then, and she still is now. All the power to you Gab Rock on.

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