Sunday, January 11, 2009

Old blood Clots taste Good

Ok here is a story from a girl, " So Randy was looking for a Coke Sniffer or a Coke blower (not a whore), you know one of those things you use to snort a bump of Blow or Meth. Posh drug addict style. Well someone told him to drive down to 118ave and find a Chines store and he'd find a Coke Sniffer. So Randy runs down to the 118ave Chines drug paraphanalia place and asks the lady for a Coke Sniffer. He said he could see her rummaging around and out of no where she whips out a Crack pipe. You know the glass tube. Randy though about it and left." Hey Randy if you're gonna go soft you might as well hit the hard buddy. That story made me laugh.
The City needs more Cops, I don't want to talk shit it's just the streets are filled with drunk kids driving like assholes, running red light and whipping shities like it's nobodies business. I think I'm getting old cause driving fast scares me a bit.(Lie) Seeing those idiotic rich fucks drive like jerk-offs just makes me angry, and scares the fares. Stop it kids! Grow Up.....and have fun.
When I was an 80mg a day amphetamine (Dexedrine) pill popper (my own prescription) I drove across the continent. From Wisconsin to Alabama, sleep. From Alabama to Daytona beach Florida.Sleep. Back to Alabama. Then all the way to Banff, that's where I started driving a Taxi. I was still eating my prescription drugs as a meal replacement. I talked to license plates, they told me where to turn, they told me who I was, they even told me why I'm here. Now, I got a kid and I've been sober for over three years I still listen to the little voices, they tell me where to go, how to get there, they even tell me why. They come from the back seat, they're just as random and fucked up, crazy and gross but they're real. They're you! Sometimes I miss- understanding the license plate, and sometimes I still hear them talking. Fuck I'm a lunatic, but I do love you guys. Thanks

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