Saturday, January 10, 2009

Imagine if you owned hundreds of gas stations

Tonight was the type of night that almost gave me a nervous break down. I drove personal clients, these two girls, loaded, I'm talking millionaire money (No tip). Must be the economy cause this whole week, I barley made ends meet so far. That's OK I have faith that all my dreams will come true. Just not the way I had dreamt them. Man there is more con artists out there then ever. Well maybe not I just let one con me. I'm too embarrassed to say what happened, so just read it on his blog He has a big chunk of what I made tonight. Strange I know, I let myself get burned. He had a kid with him, he said his mom was an escort at the fantasy land hotel and she needed a ride but he had to pay for the pizza right now. I lent him the money(so wrong) I got his phone and ID. I drove to pick up blow Job mama and when I got there, no ones waiting. So I waited a long time, calling buddy with kid back every so often. She never shows, I call him fed up and he tells me she got busted. He owes me money, I hate that. I hate that he used his kid (or her kid, or maybe he's not even a part of the family) I hate that I got used. There is more to this one I'll tell you if the collateral pans out. If not I'm stuck with a dead phone and a pimps ID. Yuk! Fuck I sucked. Tonight was warmer but the slush was just awful to drive in. So many people went out, most of them must have driven home drunk because there was no work. Crowds of people though. No cops either, I think they're on vacation, you can only jerk your partner off so many times before you need a week off. The only good thing that happened to me was I drove this guy from a private club the West Edmonton Music Society. Man I asked the dude at the door if I can go in, he said "No, members only." So I asked "how do I join" he said " you can't, only a member can sign you in" I told him my fare will fall in love with me. When My fare came we talked about it, how I feel as a musician and all that Jazz, I hope he liked me cause I would love to see what goes on in that place, if you're from Edmonton look into it, it's cool trust me.

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Bartosz said...

So now maybe you'll start videotaping your fares.... less chance of them ripping you off.