Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tancowny, Give em a C-Over

Tonight I needed some inspiration, I sat down at around 9:30pm and started reading a magazine. Concrete Skateboarding, Great! Flipping through the pages I stumble upon a kid I remember seeing on the streets of Edmonton, Jamie Tancowny, I watched this kid bust out an incredible sesscion the first time the Zero team showed up in Millwoods. The first time I ever saw him was at this skate park in Beverly, holly shit he is a skate superstar. Seeing that picture made me realize I gotta get out there and fish out a story or two. The only story I could get is that people dig the cab ride. Even the drunk belligerent Oilers fans (Oilers lost)that were determined to maul an innocent bystander were won over by my ass. Dude those guys were the only real danger. Lots of girls, I showed off for all of them. This Job was a treat tonight. It snowed! I went to McDonalds with a couple of ladies, totally smooth rides. There was one girl from New Brunswick she invited me in to smoke a joint with her, I just said "No." She was a sweet person though so it wasn't that easy. I started work at 10 pm tonight, I had so much fun, it was like it wasn't work. When it feels like work I just turn up the radio and drive. There was no nirvana TOnigth thought, but who cares.

This kid Inspiered me, a long time ago, The best skatboarder I have ever seen in real life, amazing!


mClay said...

righteous! I like that "working undercover" anyway...who are you? Bad apple = X family kid. Yes?? I mean, you don't hear that term just anywhere, not any more.

Anonymous said...

concrete skateboarding: sweeet rag!

Anonymous said...

Fuck crazy i know Jamie. Its a small world. Anyways, entertaining blog.