Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAppy Birthday MAMA I Love you

Happy new year, mmmmmm what a great night. I had so much fun booting around in my taxi cab. It was beyond cold in Edmonton last night. The roads were slick. Ok so there was this young couple, they were 18, both of them. She was pregnant, they found out for the new year and they were going to party the little zygotes life away, Hurray! So I felt a little squeamish, I wanted to tell them not to have an abortion, but hey who the fuck am I? We all know it's not even the father decision, it's all in moms hands. Mama! Who's that? Who cares. One of the last fares I had was on the west end, I pulled up to a group of cops in cop cars, well they were standing outside talking to my fare. Right as I pull up they jump and hop to move out of the way. I asked the fare what was going on. He said that somebody was dropping their shoes out of the 15th floor of the high rise. Cool. I asked for more Info. The guy told me that he was getting drunk with a buddy. The guy asked him (my fare) to step outside of the apartment. He did, there was three of them out there. They locked the one girl inside the place. Well the owner of the apartment had this massive butcher knife and he tried to stab my client. (This all happened before I showed up) He had some marks to prove it. Crazy psychos. I rang in the New Year with a women that got in crying and left in the arms of her ex husband, she told me she loved him, she mairried him three times but couln't stay with him cause he loves the crack, she said he met the crack on the oil patch. Fucking Fort Mac when the fuck you gonna burn down. Alberta has another year under her belt, lets hope she dosen't get any fatter this year she looks a lot like.......fuck it I'm done. Happy Nnnn zzzzzzzzzzz


Vodka Mom said...

HOLY CRAP!! That job will NEVER bore you!!!

freddybeach cabby said...

Happy New Year Brother!!!

Victoria Von Swarovski said...

Oh doll do I ever owe you for picking me up piss wasted wearing half of a shirt.
I hope there arent any pictures of white trash night on facebook.
I'll probably get over the party.
He better feel bad enough to take me somewhere bitchin tonight though.
Happy new year, still my favourite taxi man.
Be calling you soon hopefully!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Mama too from her "Sister Linda".

Shemley said...
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Shemley said...

Happy New Year my friend!