Saturday, January 17, 2009

Red White and Abused = CANADA - The USA

Nick nack, tic fucking tac. I think I lost my passport and birth certificate. Who cares? Imagine being twenty two and married for the second week (Newly Wed). Now Imagine wanting out, knowing there is going to be a divorce before the Wedding day even came. Imagine telling your Mom, your Dad and imagine them telling you to go to counseling cause your getting hitched bitch. I drove her last night, she was so relieved she was able to tell someone (Me). Imagine she got pregnant. Ohhh, she won't I hope. We talked about abortion. That's a touchy subject. You know what I'm going to Concordia University. I just feel religious! I'm fucking head over heels for Jesus. Did you know that guys? I'm Justified, just waiting for that bad mother to come on up and make me a T-A-X-I Man Martyr. Gotta love the Top Light. That's my night light. Good thing I'm yours.
I'm having problems at home, but still I am consistently a great cabby, for everybody. I even drove my ex to the emergency room last week, hell I even brought her back and she still treats me like.... She left the baby at home with a friend of hers, when I brought my ex back from the hospital the babysitter was loaded. "Dragon water" red wine "I'm not drunk" she said, fuck that. Readers tell me what you think of that. Or don't. Who cares? I do.
I do love the gig, the driving, my taxihood. I drove a huge chunk of Sonic 102.9. DJ's and directors, people who's voices bring light into my life. No joke. I Love radio, and the people who entertain me are the people that help me enjoy my life behind the wheel. I drove them home safely, they paid me handsomely. My life is Rock and Roll. How about yours kids? You having fun, or you just laying there waiting to rot in the Sun.

Oh and guys here is a shoutout to all the good folks enjoying the occasioanl fat bag of Coke, we all know tonight there were no Jokes when it came to the Cokes.

And No I can't help you find any, cause my drug addict friend/dealer relapesed and needs a day off.(I don't ever help anyone get high) she did relaps though, and it hurt her, I could tell she was clean for over a month. Now it's back to day numero uno.

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