Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I drove a women with a non contagious skin disease

Has anyone missed me yet, God what's the world coming to. I had a slow Monday night but I needed to get out there. I'm depressed, I think it's seasonal. It hit me like a tone of bricks on New years day. That was my moms birthday and also the day I had to drive her to the airport. We fought on the way about how I'm working way to much, I had a bad attitude almost the whole time she was here and I'm guessing it was just that seasonal depression creeping in. I'm still a kick ass cabby. Man I was a rocking cabby when I was on drugs too, psychotic but fun. Ok enough about me and my issues what the hell has been going on. Tonight I drove like five people but my last fare was a doosy. She was seventeen, she was on her way back to her house. She told me her mom kicked her out on New Years day for having a big party at their house. I was like "oh that sucks, did anything get smashed", she said "No, a good friend of mine got stabbed five times on the front porch, then he stumbled into the neighbours yard and almost died." I asked if he's o.k, she said "Yes he's fine still in the hospital but no nothing too bad." Remind me never to go to a teenagers party on the west end. Hell everyone never party anywhere near Stony Plain road. Oh yeah I had this fare, he remembered me, he told me that I picked him up and he gave me a massive tip. I told him "I rock." He told me the time I picked him up "I just broke a bottle over some fuckers face remember." Hell I think I wrote a post about it. How can I forget being a get away driver. Hence the big tip. He obviously does not read the blog but hey, he's been in it twice. Is there any readers out there that want to be in the blog but haven't set foot in my taxi. Just call #taxi hahahahahaha or flag me the fuck down. Peace out people, and thanks for worrying about my mental health, I almost drove off the high level. (Bad Joke)


Victoria Von Swarovski said...

In my head doll I'm getting married every day.
Don't worry I'll still be asking you for rides to the afterparty on the weekends.
I miss my taxi man.
Who needs mental health in Deadmonton anyway.

Anonymous said...

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