Monday, November 24, 2008

Unlock all guns and bring your friends

Sunday nights are usually not very good, tonight was no exception, except for one thing. So I'm having trouble trying to scope out a decent flag anywhere. I pull up to On the Rocks and some fucking asshole cabby steals my spot. I move on to the next bar, Buddies. The king of gay bars in Edmonton right now. Three dudes get in. We drive one of them to his house right off of Jasper, he goes into his pad to pick up some cash. While he's out the two that are left talk about what's gonna happen. I heard one of the guys say "no fucking." Like most of my fares these guys though I was an awesome taxi driver. I let them smoke. The guy comes back from getting his wallet, they're all in the taxi. We're cruising up jasper toward the second and last address when Smells like teen Spirit turns on. The song is great I turn it up, and do a shoulder check to change lanes, turns out the guys started a party in the back seat without me even realizing it. The guy behind me had his face in another guys croch. The dude on the passenger side back seat was watching the sex act. I was blasting Nirvana. I kept my eyes on the road and listened to the song. All three were sucking each other off. It was so fucked up, the song just kept me moving forward, when it was done I turned it down. The Guy behind me asked if I was hard. I think he would have offered me a blow job if I had told him I was. I wasn't. I'm not gay. Tonight reassured me of that. Aaa, now I asked them "please don't make a mess". They were just fooling around waiting to do drugs and have a gay orgy. I've never had anything like this happen to me, and it shocked me at first, but Nirvana was on the radio, those boys got lucky, I let down my guard and for the rest of the time I made sure to put myself in a position that I would not have to do a shoulder check. That is a dirty story. I gave them the URL. They should comment.

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Anonymous said...

haha thats awesome man, they are a bunch of whores I know those bitches!! gotta love it