Saturday, January 24, 2009

I can cure this social cancer

Holy shit, the fucking cold is killing everyones good time. Except mine. I had a great night, made money, not much but I am still alive. I drove Greater than Giants, the bassist and the Guitar player. Cool cats all the way. They got in holding some donairs, I asked them to forget about eating them until they got home and they listened. We listened to some Sublime on the way. They dug it. Sometimes pussy mother fuckers don't like the Rock and Roll with their ride home. They say it's too loud. How can a good song be too loud? Oh yeah some people are wimps. The Greater then Giant kids were awesome. My last fare was a group of people. I pressured the group to get in the cab. I was like "get in I'm the best cabby you'll ever have" I was right. The last guy left in the group came along to pick up a personal. She lived off of 118th ave. I thought she was going to be a prostitute. She ended up being a woman running from an abusive relationship. 4:30am. Her ex boyfriend. The landlord let him in, he woke her up yelling. She had to leave, she was with a seven month old baby. I was with another guy. The four of us drove to the North Side. I give my clients nick names now, to remember who they are. You can only remember so many Mikes or Amanda's, Billies and Bobs. Her Nick name was damsel in distress. Tonight she really was and I was there for her. I brought a witness. I love the job. I don't need people to see that I kick ass every night. I know they all notice. This morning I drove a women to a safe place with a baby, she was the first parent to ever have a baby seat and she actually used it the right way. Taxis don't need to have baby seats. We are allowed to travel with children in their parents arms. Crazy!

Oh haha there was this dude, he raked up a 78$ fare looking for a hooker on his way to Fort Saskatchewan. He found one. When he approached her (outside the vehicle, I park a block away let the Johns solicit the sex far away from me) he came back angry and upset because he thought she was gross. I thought he was gross. I told him to go home and sleep off the booze. I told him he would wake up tomorrow happy he listened to me. He wanted a hooker. It was to cold, they were all hiding in their crack dens, scraping their crack pips. He made it to the Fort, he paid me 90$, and asked me to drop him off at the local pub. After He threw the money at me he said "I'm going to kill someone" and walked into the bar. I drove away thinking, hell I hope some woman gives the poor angry fuck a blow job for free, he tipped me 12$ for a ride that almost came to 100$. I can't hate him he was one of my best fares.


Sweet Charity said...

I was in Edmonton this weekend. I nearly died of the cold... oh yeah, and from listening to Theory of a Deadman (surprise concert tickets, not my choice).
Your fare was a twit. I mean seriously, was he expecting hookers to be like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (even though she is kinda horsey)? Super funny that we was pissed coz she was gross... It's like this fat guy I know who was pissed that all the chicks he was "meeting" on lavalife were fat chicks.
Speaking of fat chicks:

Sweet Charity said...
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