Friday, January 23, 2009

"Watch your back bro!" Why I can hear you coming?

Scooby Doo, fuck you! So tonight was another beyond cold night. It felt like -30. Windy too. Girls still walking around looking like hookers from LA though. I hope the boys got laid. Tonight I drove a millionaire, he won the set for life. I was like "you're joking" he said "google me". What a lucky guy. It's not every day you drive a kid who makes a 1000$ a week doing nothing. The only reason I know he does nothing is cause he told me. Dude you should do something, but have fun. Hey call me I'll drive you around, you can tell me what it's like to win a million. Later I picked up a women who just came back from London England. She said that she felt like she just left a country going through a major economic depression. I have a feeling that us Canadians are going to feel it too. We all know that oil is no longer a prize. It's dirty and cheap. I think Obama is gonna get rid of Americas super addiction to the crap. I hope he does, I want technology that'll take me to the moon not a gas guzzling SUV that makes oil executives rich. Oh then I drove this girl who wanted to get it on with this guy. She said "I wished I went home with him." I said "you sound like a man." She was hot and young, so I'm guessing he was young too, he must have been frightened of sex. Sex is scary, at first even if you're drunk. I bet she's gonna wake up tomorrow with a head ache thinking " I'm so happy I didn't fuck that kid last night, oh and man that dude was a great cabby." Julian bought me a red bull, he's this bass player I've kinda befriended. Hopefully we'll try playing music together soon.

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oh shit you didd hahaha